An analysis of octavio pazs poem as one listens to the rain

I chose it mainly because I dont know what it means but I like what it is saying. I guess you can interpret it in many ways.

An analysis of octavio pazs poem as one listens to the rain

Julia A. Introduction P az received the Nobel prize for literature inone of the sounder choices. He possessed, and retains, an unique eminence in Mexican literature up to this time.

An eclectic and idiosyncratic international poet-critic, and certainly one of the principal Spanish-language poets of the twentieth-century, Paz paradoxically is most original in his exploration of the very vexed question of Mexican national identity.

The Chingada is even more passive. Her passivity is abject: she does not resist violence, but is an inert heap of bones, blood and dust. Her taint is constitutional and resides, as we said earlier, in her sex. She loses her name; she is no one; she disappears into nothingness; she is Nothingness.

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And yet she is the cruel incarnation of the feminine condition. It is true that she gave herself voluntarily to the conquistador, but he forgot her as soon as her usefulness was over.

And as a small boy will not forgive his mother if she abandons him to search for his father, the Mexican people have not forgiven La Malinche for her betrayal. She embodies the open, the chingado, to our closed, stoic, impassive Indians. The malinchistas are those who want Mexico to open itself to the outside world: the true sons of La Malinche, who is the Chingada in person.

Once again we see the opposition of the close and the open. This is a version of the Mexicans respecting their President, while behind the respect is the traditional image of the Father.

An analysis of octavio pazs poem as one listens to the rain

Yet Paz ends his Labyrinth on an ominous note: Every moribund or sterile society attempts to save itself by creating a redemption myth which is also a fertility myth, a creation myth… The sterility of the bourgeois world will end in suicide or a new form of creative participation.

Paz has been dead for more than two years, and his Mexico currently is becoming both more bourgeois and more Catholic. A superb Surrealist poet, whether in verse or prose, Paz founders in prophecy, as everyone has done in opposing the endlessly driven onward march of bourgeois societies.

But that does not lessen the insight nor the visionary power of The Labyrinth of Solitude. To this was added the differences between Protestant England and the Spain of the Counter-Reformation.

The Mexican death is of the body, exactly the opposite of the American death, which is abstract and disembodied. For Americans, death is what is not seen: absence, the disappearance of the person.

In the Puritan consciousness, death was always present, but as a moral entity, an idea. Later on, scientism pushed death out of the American consciousness.

Death melted away and became unmentionable. Finally, in vast segments of the American population of today, progressive rationalism and idealism have been replaced by neo-hedonism.

But the cult of the body and of pleasure implies the recognition and acceptance of death. The body is mortal, and the kingdom of pleasure is that of the moment, as Epicurus saw better than anyone else.

American hedonism closes its eyes to death and has been incapable of exorcising the destructive power of the moment with a wisdom like that of the Epicureans of antiquity.

Octavio Paz - Octavio Paz Poems - Poem Hunter The poem style is written in free verse consisting of 14 stanzas, the poem does not consist of rhyme patterns or many literary devises. Although By the end of the poem he is trying to come to terms with his decision so he finally confronts "nobody.
Octavio Paz Poems Everyone had left the house. Around eleven I noticed that I had smoked my last cigarette.
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Present-day hedonism is the last recourse of the anguished and the desperate, and expression of the nihilism that is eroding the West. Capitalism exalts the activities and behavior patterns traditionally called virile: aggressiveness, the spirit of competition and emulation, combativeness.

American society made these values its own. The Virgin unites the religious sensibilities of the Mediterranean and Mesoamerica, both of them regions that fostered ancient cults of feminine divinities, Guadalupe-Tonantzin is the mother of all Mexicans—Indians, mestizos, whites—but she is also a warrior virgin whose image has often appeared on the banners of peasant uprising.

In the Virgin of Guadalupe we encounter a very ancient vision of femininity which, as was true of the pagan goddesses, is not without a heroic tint.

There is much here to acknowledge, and much to argue.

O.P. A Draft of Shadows (fragment).14

Our hedonists are not that different from those of other nations, and our denial of death has something to do with the astonishing national belief eighty-nine percent, according to Gallup that God loves each of us on a personal and individual basis.

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‘La palabra escrita’ is a poem so cryptic in form that it opens itself to many depths of interpretation. There is a creative inspiration, be it on the aesthetic level of the poet or the mystical plane of God, or a combination of both, which provides a leitmotiv recurring six times throughout this comparatively short (thirty-one lines) poem.

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I am writing about Octavio Pazs poem entitled, As one Listens to the Rain, I dont know why I chose to write about this poem. I chose it mainly because I dont know what it means but I like what it is saying. I guess you can interpret it in many ways. I asked a couple of my friends and they thought he was speaking to a.

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