Apple business plan 2012 electoral votes

The electoral college in Germany consisted of all the electors of the empire, being nine in number, six secular princes and three archbishops. In a general sense, a collection, assemblage or society of men, invested with certain powers and rights, performing certain duties or engaged in some common employment or pursuit. When I use the expression electoral college in this article I mean the system of using presidential electors to choose the candidates for president of the United States, or the aggregate of those individual electors, as the context may require. In some cases where the context might not lend itself to perspicuity I use the expression electoral system.

Apple business plan 2012 electoral votes

Apple business plan 2012 electoral votes, it risks provoking the public further and triggering a crisis if he is allowed to govern with his integrity in shreds.

Three had given more than half of their nominations to Tang, while four gave only half; Wharf Holdings and Swire gave only their chairmen's votes to Tang. As Tang enjoyed an advantage over Leung of EC members belonging to the commercial and property development sectors, Leung pledged to serve "all the seven million people in Hong Kong.

See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. May Learn how and when to remove this template message Tang has a reputation of being lazy and unintelligent; Leung is a surveyor with business acumen but who seems to appear cold and brutal. Hence, the Chief Executive election was dubbed as a contest between "the wolf" referring to Leung and "the pig" referring to Tang.

In earlyit emerged that support for Tang may have been played up by people close to Liao Huidirector of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office from toto the detriment of Leung, who is an equally acceptable candidate to top leaders.

Leung's patriotism and his contributions to Hong Kong — including his involvement in the drafting Hong Kong's Basic Law — are noted, although he remains distrusted by business magnates.

Willy Lam of the Jamestown Foundation said: During the 2-hour debate, the candidates answered questions raised by the mass media organisations and randomly drawn guest audience, and were allowed to raise questions to other candidates. Afterwards, public concern was raised about Henry Tang's accusations during the debate that Leung had proposed suppressing freedom of speech by shortening the licence renewal term for Commercial Radio in ; Tang also alleged that Leung had said in a "top-level meeting" that the government would have to deploy the anti-riot police and use tear gas to handle protests after the massive peaceful demonstration on 1 July opposing the legislation of Hong Kong Basic Law Article Leung denied both claims immediately, adding that the only "top-level meeting" he had attended was the Executive Council.

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However, neither Tang nor Leung responded directly. Unlike the debate, the candidates were not allowed to raise questions to each other and no guests from the public were invited.

They answered questions raised by a few randomly selected election committee members as well as those previously collected from the public. While she wanted to run when she was the most popular, [52] when Tang showed his intention to run, she stepped back and said Tang was an acceptable candidate.

apple business plan 2012 electoral votes

However, when the extramarital affair of Henry Tang was exposed, Fan withdrew her support for him. On 19 January Henry Tang admitted his communications advisor Lucy Chan Wai-yee had made a call to the Baptist University prior to the announcement of the unfinished result, [55] [56] but denied that he interfered with the poll.

I have already reported the case to the jury committee chairman and government bodies One quantity surveyor under a particular professional team asked our company about related comments and information on land prices in West Kowloon. But we did not take any money in return.

Leung said that he immediately questioned his staff upon learning about it, and had in fact written an explanatory letter to the jury upon being aware. A government spokesman insisted it was impartial in issuing the two statements.

Henry Tang illegal basement controversy Media-hired cranes stooping over 5 and 7 York Road — Henry Tang's residence — following revelations of illegal structures there. He also said that there was already an underground garage at his family's adjacent property 7 York Road at the time of purchase, which had since been deepened "for storage".

He said it was not used as a wine cellar. The filed building plan showed foundation piles were driven five metres deep, enough space to harbour at least one storey underground. It doesn't matter what the facilities inside are. Denying any personal connections with Leung, however, Kwok claimed he met Henry Tang in Tokyo, Japan in and held a few photos of him.

Tang then lodged a complaint to the police, stating that he felt threatened by Kwok's comments. Alleged protocol breach[ edit ] Henry Tang's claims during the televised debate on 16 March about what was said during "high-level meetings" set off a storm.

During later interviews, he elaborated on the situations where the remarks attributed to Leung Chun-ying were heard.

Tang said that the disclosures were made because of the public's right to know, but that the disclosures were impromptu as he was angered by Leung's mention of the sofa in Tang's office allegedly used in Tang's extra-marital affairs.

She also criticised Tang for breaching the confidentiality rule, even should his claim be true. Former Secretary for the Civil Service Joseph Wong also said Tang should be condemned but "Tang [must] justify the breach based on the principle of public interest" [46] [85] Senior politician and former Secretary of Justice Elsie Leung rebuked Tang, saying: If the rule is not properly observed and protected, no one will be willing to join the government or say anything during internal meetings in future.

The statement, unanimously endorsed by all Exco members, said: Leung constantly dismissed such claims as ungrounded. According to the South China Morning Post, Leung's campaign office said Leung was "not a Chinese Communist Party member and had never requested or been invited to join the party.

Albert Ho relayed complaints he has received about Liaison Office attempts to intimidate editors and media bosses.

apple business plan 2012 electoral votes

The IFJ cites an anonymous senior journalist for a Hong Kong newspaper saying that the Liaison Office had called several times "during the last two weeks" criticising the newspaper for alleging that the CLO had attempted to influence EC members; One publisher who is member of the EC also reportedly received calls from the Liaison Office with coded references to the preferred candidate: In the piece, he opined that "supporting either party would not be conducive to the situation", but the published version read:May 15,  · Strategic Planning for Election Organisations Once the election authority decides that it wants to d e- velop a strategic plan for the organisation, the first.

If the power of a single vote were calculated in terms of number of number of people per electoral vote, states like New York (, people per electoral vote) . Notice that if the election is to take place in the House, the field of candidates will be 2 or 3 or 5.

If the highest number of electoral votes is tied with a number who have received a vote from a majority of the Electors the number will be 2 or 3. Without such majority, the number of presidential candidates will be 5. Public Choice, , (January, ): PROBLEMS WITH THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE PLAN Because of the problematic nature of the Electoral College system for electing the President, electoral votes, .

The Hong Kong Chief Executive election was held on 25 March to select the Chief Executive of Hong Kong (CE), the highest office in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), by a 1,member Election Committee (EC) to replace the incumbent Chief Executive. Michigan 16 Electoral votes.


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Republicans. Still voting. Processing results CNN will broadcast a projected winner only after an extensive review of data from a number of sources.

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