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Getting a job

Pin It With the recent resistance of the Nicaraguan government to approve all tourist visa extensions there has been renewed interest in getting residency and some people are even getting Nicaraguan citizenship.

Before we continue, I will remind the reader I am not an expert on this topic and you will find there are few experts on all parts of the residency process.

I simply gathered the information from several sources and tried to combine it into a single document.

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Residency for Nicaragua, no matter what you hear, is no more difficult than most countries. Try being someone getting a visa to the United States and you will see how difficult things can be.

First, this does not affect your citizenship of your origin country. In fact, if later you decide to become a citizen of Nicaragua you will still be a citizen of your origin country such as the USA i. You will then use your USA passport to enter and leave the states and your Nicaraguan passport to leave and enter Nicaragua.

Check with your own country in case they do not allow dual passports. Some reasons or advantages of being a Nicaraguan resident: You can legally register a vehicle You can apply for firearms license You can have bank accounts here Yes, many people got them without residency but according to the fine print you should be a resident.

You can have a phone plan You do not have to leave the country every 90 days days with extension Though you will need a Nica visa to leave the country Many area attractions have higher prices for tourists It shows commitment to your adopted country i.

The truth is that if two different people with identical documents applied for residency they would have completely different experiences. Getting a residency is an art not a science.

It will delay your residency and we already have enough expert expats, thank you. Do not send your residency questions to me.

Everything I know is in this article. Getting reliable information in Nicaragua is difficult so if there are any errors, I apologize for myself and my sources. Get your documents together and authenticated while in your country of origin.

It is extremely difficult to get important documents, processed and then delivered to Nicaragua. Many of the offices will not take requests from Nicaragua but especially they may not be willing to mail, fax or even call to Nicaragua.

To fly back to the states or wherever is an expensive option.

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Visitors to Nicaragua can visit any of these countries without needing an additional visa. Unfortunately, this also means you cannot visit one of these other countries to renew your tourist visa. You have 90 days with extension to stay within the four countries then you must leave to another country.

This is why so many people go to Costa Rica. Also, there is no three day requirement to remain in Costa Rica. Many people simply stay overnight in CR then return or cross the border and immediately return.

There are not that many resident expats in Nicaragua. According to my sources there are less than expat residents in Nicaragua and only 62 new ones last year which means they process a residency application a little more than once a week.

This means the vast majority of expats in Nicaragua are on tourist visas. Eventually, the authorities will question even those leaving the country then returning on another tourist visa.

Many countries are tightening down on permanent tourists because there is no background information on tourists and that makes it difficult to track the bad guys and you know we have enough of them already.

So ignore the whining of those that say they are being hassled. The rules have not changed, they are simply being enforced more now. Nicaragua wants tourists and they want people to move to Nicaragua. Most problems stem from your documents being incorrect, at least according to the rules.

Travelers have interesting backgrounds which can make the residency process even more difficult.


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Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America [Barbara Ehrenreich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Our sharpest and most original social critic goes undercover as an unskilled worker to reveal the dark side of American prosperity.

Millions of Americans work full time.

Getting a job

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