Letter to editor to banned plastic

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Letter to editor to banned plastic

I have been a regular customer of Flipkart for over couple of years now and have had pleasant experiences with them in 9 out of 10 transactions I have conducted.

I had one real bad experience about a year backwhen it came to refund. I did not write about it back then, as I thought it would be one-off case. However, over last few months, I have been increasingly hearing about more and more people experiencing issues with Flipkart service.

Hi Sachin, Thanks for sharing your email address. This is a long letter, just want to make sure I am communicating everything. Though there is gist at bottom, if you would rather skip.

I bought a laptop and few other things in mid Oct and they were delivered in third week of Oct After using laptop for few days, I realized that it crashes a lot. I investigated the problem at my end and found that the fan stops working some times and that causes overheating and crash.

I reported this problem and talked to customer support. I was supposed to leave to Bangalore for a business trip of 10 days and hence had asked them to accelerate the process. But only on 23rd Nov, when I was already in Bangalore, I was informed that laptop will be replaced.

I was also told that laptop will not be replaced, as per the guarantee, but rather I will get store credit or refund. I asked the support agent, Mr S that I can only return the defective laptop once I reach back on 2nd Dec.

Letter to editor to banned plastic

I called flipkart on 2nd Dec and was told S will get back. This same thing continued for next days. But neither S, nor any one else from flipkart support got back. Finally next monday ie 6 or 7th Dec, I was told that reverse pickup will be arranged in next 48 hours. Nothing happened till 13th Dec.

Finally I decided to publicly ask for this and then I was told reverse pickup will happen in next couple of days. Again I had to leave on a business trip to Pune, actually for a week, but I cut it short. Not having a laptop was affecting all my business really hard now.

I decided that enough is enough and now I want to be compensated. And I decided to not co-operate for reverse pickup.

The reverse pickup person banged on my door when I wasnt home, for mins causing serious discomfort to all neighbours and extreme embarrassment to me and rest of my family. We had to answer lot of question, causing further mistrust. Plus our neighours told us that he was using profanities while leaving the building against me.

Even after that, I agreed to the terms offered by flipkart. I had given time for delivery guys to come and pickup the laptop. Please note that Mr J, customer support staff, told me that replacement will be shipped immediately, that is first thing tomorrow.


Delivery people did not came on given time and hence I called Mr J. He told I have to wait till they come, cancelling in effect all my plans. And if I dont do that replacement will not be shipped. I asked him that replacement was suppose to be shipped immediately, how is that dependent on everything else?

He told me no, replacement will be shipped as soon as delviery guys confirmed receipt of defective laptop. After this I completely lost trust in flipkart.

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I have purchased more than Rsworth of things from flipkart. They it will be shipped as soon as reverse pickup guys send receipt. Then he said it will be once it reached Bagnalore warehouse.Nov 21,  · Plastic bags take up less room in landfills than paper bags.

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