Mary shelleys frankenstein

Sister of Robert Walton. Addressee of letters written by him. Margaret Saville, and writer of letters addressed to her.

Mary shelleys frankenstein

While their ship is trapped in the ice of the Arctic Seathe crew discovers a man, Victor Frankenstein, traveling across the Arctic on his own. Victor proceeds to tell Walton and the crew his life story. Victor grows Mary shelleys frankenstein in Geneva with his adopted sister, Elizabeth Lavenzawho will become the love of his life.

Before he leaves for the university at IngolstadtVictor's mother dies giving birth to his brother William. Traumatized by grief afterward, Victor vows on his mother's grave that he will find a way to conquer death. However, he is shunned by his peers, who view him as a madman.

Eventually, he and his friend Henry Clerval meet Shmael Augustus Waldmana professor whose notes contain information on how to create life; Waldman warns Victor not to use them lest he create an "abomination".

While performing vaccinations, Waldman is murdered by a stubborn patient, who is later hanged in the village square. Using the body, a leg from a fellow student named Schiller who's fallen victim from choleraand Waldman's brain, Victor builds a creature based on the professor's notes.

He is so obsessed with his work that he drives Elizabeth away when she comes to take him away as Ingolstadt is being put into quarantine. Victor finally gives his creation life, but soon regrets his decision and tries to kill it with an axe; the creature steals his coat and is driven away by the townspeople when it tries to steal food.

The creature escapes, running off to the wilderness. He spends months living in a family's barn without their knowledge, gradually learning to read and speak based on observations and memories from Waldman's brain.

He attempts to earn the family's trust by anonymously helping them with their failing farm, and eventually converses with the patriarch, an elderly blind man, after murdering an abusive debt collector.

But when the blind man's family returns, they attack the creature and abandon their farm. The creature finds Victor's journal in his coat, learning of the circumstances of his creation.

He burns down the farm and vows revenge on his creator.

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Victor, who believes the creature to be dead from the cholera epidemic, returns to Geneva to marry Elizabeth. He finds his younger brother William has been murdered. Justine, a servant of the Frankenstein household, is inadvertently framed for the crime by the creature and hanged by a lynch mob before anyone can prove her innocence.

The creature abducts Victor and demands that he make a companion for him, promising to leave his creator in peace in return. Victor begins gathering the tools he used to create life, but when the creature insists he use Justine's body to make the companion, Victor breaks his promise and the creature exacts his revenge, strangling Baron Frankenstein and tearing out Elizabeth's heart.

Maddened with grief beyond measure, Victor races home to bring Elizabeth back to life.

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He stitches Elizabeth's head onto Justine's fully intact body, and she awakes as a re-animated creature. The two are briefly and happily reunited until the creature appears, demanding Elizabeth as his bride. Victor and the monster fight for Elizabeth's affections, but Elizabeth, horrified by what she has become, commits suicide by setting herself on fireburning the mansion to the ground.

The story returns to the Arctic Circle. Victor tells Walton that he has been pursuing his creation for months to kill him.

Soon after relating his story, Victor dies from pneumonia.

Walton discovers the creature weeping over Victor's body, confessing that for all his hatred, he still considers Victor to be his "father".

The crew prepares a funeral pyre, but the ceremony is interrupted when the ice around the ship cracks. Walton invites the creature to stay with the ship, but the creature insists on remaining with the pyre.

He takes the torch and burns himself alive with Victor's body. Walton, having seen the consequences of Victor's obsession, orders the ship to return home.

Cast[ edit ] Robert De Niro as The Creationthe product of an experiment with corpses and electricity. Initially kind and innocent, the Creation gradually becomes violent and murderous when it realizes that it will never be accepted as human. De Niro also portrays Professor Waldman's killer, whose body was used for the creature.

Kenneth Branagh as Victor Frankensteina scientist obsessed with conquering death, which ultimately destroys his family and himself. Frankenstein's best friend from medical school, and later, his trusted partner when he inherits his father's practice.

She is resurrected following her murder at the hands of the Creation, but ends killing herself out of self-loathing. John Cleese as Professor WaldmanFrankenstein's tutor and colleague who shares his interest in creating life, but fears the consequences of doing so.

His brain is later used for the creature following his death.

Mary shelleys frankenstein

Richard Briers as Grandfather, an elderly blind man who is kind to the Creation. Robert Hardy as Professor Krempe, a university tutor of medical sciences who condemns Frankenstein's theories of life beyond death.

She is executed after the Creation plants William's locket on her after killing him.On this site, you will find everything you have ever wanted to know about Mary Shelley.

There are pages dealing with Mary's life, her family, her friends and her novels. At this challenge, Mary Shelley began work on the 'ghost story' that was to evolve into the most celebrated horror novel in literary history. Frankenstein was . Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is a horror drama film directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Robert De Niro, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hulce, Helena Bonham Carter, Ian Holm, John Cleese, and Aidan film was produced on a budget of $45 million and is considered the most faithful film adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, despite several differences and additions in plot .

Universal’s Frankenstein Film Turns 80 this year. Frankenstein, by Universal and starring Boris Karloff turns 80 this year! Universal released a special 75th anniversary DVD – I wonder if they plan to do the same for the 80th anniversary. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Frankenstein Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays.

years ago, year-old Mary Shelley did an extraordinary thing. After a dreary winter evening spent indoors telling ghost stories during the storied “year without a summer,” she took her idea and turned it into a novel.

In January of , Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus appeared.

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