Philosophyz re write a sentence

First, the oldest and most widespread is retribution.

Philosophyz re write a sentence

If he had actually read and understood the reasoning within the very post he was commenting on, he would not have leveled any of these charges against me, because he would have seen that they weren't in fact contrary to the value system I laid out. Since he never countered any of my reasoning that led to said value system, he has no right to judge me by a different standard, either, as so far the philosophyz re write a sentence I set forth remains completely unassailed.

Another problem is that ad hominems are logically fallacious, as even if everything he said above were true, it wouldn't have any impact whatsoever on the truth or falsehood of the written post.

If you want to dismantle the reasoning in the post, you have to address what was written in the post, not who wrote it. I could sweep aside all of his bullet points with either of these arguments, that the post itself explains quite well why none of these things are wrong, none of which points within the post he's ever disproven, and ad hominems are a meaningless side issue and the only question is whether what I wrote is true or not.

But it's still galling to be criticized by people who don't know shit about me using arguments that aren't remotely true. I have no interest in convincing Goldfish27 I'm a good person, his unwarranted hostility towards me is irrational to begin with so there's no sense trying to change his mind about anything.

I just want to set some things straight for the record, in case any neutral observers would like to know the truth of the matter. I mention it in passing when it's pertinent as just a matter of fact reality.

My IQ is what it is. It's not even especially high when it comes to the circles of people who write for a living. I'd say it's pretty average among intellectuals, the thinking class, which I'm obviously a part of given I've been writing thoughtful essays for ten years now with all sorts of broad cultural knowledge and references, a large vocabulary, etc, etc.

Anyone can transparently see just by reading me that I must have a high IQ, because this is how a high IQ person sounds. Humorously enough, Goldfish claims I boast about my IQ based on a quote that actually is the exact opposite of boasting: This was my intellectual contribution to the world and the very best I can do with my IQ.

If nothing else, people should at least consult these five works. I do not claim that these five permaposts are the greatest wisdom in the universe, but simply the best I can do.


I know several people with much higher IQ's all around me. If IQ sounds like boasting, then maybe Goldfish just doesn't travel in the right company. If you don't like the results of the IQ tests I have taken, then you can use this number instead: I scored a on the SAT in So norm that to IQ all you like and use that as my number.

In fact, using this number, that puts me even higher than IQ, so I was using the lower estimate to begin with, and yet still I'm being accused of boasting, inflating, and making up my intellectual ability by this insufferable know-it-all.

Of course, Goldfish could easily claim that I just pulled that number out of my hat too, but whatever, it's not like I'm going to dox myself and throw up verifiable documents on the screen just to prove an anonymous commentator wrong.

Either take my word for it or leave it, I don't care. Another formulation of his argument is that I should have done more with my life given how intelligent I am. Though that isn't his actual argument, he makes clear in his comments that he doesn't believe I'm intelligent at all and am just making all these numbers up.

But let's just give him the benefit of the doubt and go with this version of his argument for the nonce. First off, my life isn't over yet, so there's no telling what I'll eventually achieve. Second off, I've written 11 very good fiction novels that have received effusive praise from a great many people whose opinions I respect, in addition to my own self-appraisal of their worth which says they don't lose to anyone.

They are in fact good enough that publishers put their bets on them as well, so it's doubtful that everyone I know was just lying to me in order to make me feel better. In fact, all throughout school and college, my ability as a writer received universal praise from my fellow students, teachers and professors, none of whom had any particular reason to be lying to me.

The quality of my fiction is without question.Philosopher Sentence Examples. Even Pumpkin Green, the trekking philosopher, tossed in his two cents. To a philosopher all news, as it is called, is gossip, and they who edit and read it are old women over their tea.

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It would have suggested many things to a philosopher to have dealings with him. Philosophy’s longest sentences — new Kant entry September 30, September 30, Stephen Hicks 4 Comments I’ve been running a contest to find the longest sentence ever written by a philosopher.

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Unless you're one of the bizarre new race of try-hard anime critics who couldn't judge something well or properly if their lives depended on it, you will enjoy this anime.

I have a strong feeling season 2 is much better, I had to write a review for this. Because Rewrite is my favorite Key work of all-time. Because it deserved better than this. Philosophy sentence.

philosophyz re write a sentence

Those in an MBA program, readers, & those learning a new language might especially enjoy this webpage. The lines of text below use philosophy in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for philosophy.

Philosophize in a sentence 1) They spend their time philosophizing about the mysteries of life. 2) The problem with the book is that it sometimes .

philosophyz re write a sentence
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