Relationship between hrm and line manger essay

Human Resource Management Essay HRM Strategy and Organisational Change With the pressures of intensive competitive forces throughout the textiles manufacturing industry radical organisational changes need to be confronted and adopted by Tenrose.

Relationship between hrm and line manger essay

The HR function take on many roles and aid the overall management of the business, such as playing an active part in recruitment and selection, disciplinaries, absence monitoring, training and development and legislation changes to name just a few.

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According to Thomsonp. HR is perceived to be focused on managing a workforce as one of the primary resources that contributes to the success of an organisation.

HR in the modern business environment manages all the above functions and more. It is a fair assumption to make that Human resources management has now superseded personnel management. It is apparent that in many organisations conflict can arise between HR and line managers.

Line managers may often feel that HR are adding restrictions to how they manage the business and also the staff, it is believed that managers feel that HR add extra time wasting duties to their work. From this it is clear to see that line managers and HR do not necessarily have a positive working relationship within all businesses.

Whilst conducting necessary research for this essay to explain the tensions which may exist between line managers and HR practitioners in modern organisations, and also to critically evaluate how effective HR practitioners are in convincing organisations of the value of their role it has been clear to see that there are certain aspects and task conducted by a business where HR and line managers clash.

With recruitment HR play a very active part in recruiting a new employee for a position within the company. It is the responsibility of HR to carry out the administration for this.

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It is believed that HR take control of the recruitment process to save on costs and make the process more efficient. When applicants have applied for the position HR will then shortlist for the interviews.

Here is where conflict may occur as line manager may feel that they are having limited control over how employees are being recruited and their requirements from the employee are not being met, this can subsequently result in a high staff turn over than can be cost more financially to the business in the long term.

Without HR keeping the business up to date with current employment law and legislation changes, this could lead to the business being held responsible for cases such as unfair dismissal, which could prove very costly for the organisation.

The appraisal process is now generally a task to be completed by the line manager with the employee, with written guidance from HR. In the authors experience appraisals are set questions to be asked by the manager to the employee that are designed by the HR team.

Managers can feel that this is a process that can be carried out by the HR as appraisals can be very time consuming and even more so if the manager has a large team of employees under their command. This can lead to appraisals process not being as effective as the organisation desires, as managers may just view the appraisal as a time wasting tick box exercise being forced upon them to carry out by HR.

However ultimately this can have a negative impact on the business as training and development opportunities maybe looked overthe employee may feel unhappy in their current position and role and may benefit from job rotation or job enrichment, these areas can often be highlighted in appraisals and when addressed.

Training and development of employees can help motivate employees to improve their personal work output and gain commitment from employees Foot and Hookp. It is now the role of the line manager to decide the level of discipline the employee may receive from verbal warning to dismissal.

The line manager must follow the organisations disciplinary procedure and also ensure they stay within the realms of employment law, failure to do so could end with the case being taken to an employment tribunal.

Managers feel that the disciplinary procedure restricts them and frustrates them having to go by the book, Cited in Redman and Wilkinsonp. HR effectively save time for managers in the long term as the carry out the administration for the line managers and keep a check on current legislation to ensure that line manager are managing their staff within the legislation within employment law preventing a case of unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal which can be costly financially to a business and also to it reputation.

HR embeds the culture of the organisation into its employees by its working practices. Outsourcing the HR function has increased in many organisations recently. Organisation may do this to obtain expertise and save money which is believed to be the main driving force for this, a case study found in Thomsonp.

This is in spite of the fact that the organisation to which the outsourcing is being subcontracted, epeopleserve, is half owned by its main competitor, British Telecom.

While 69 per cent of UK-based respondents deliver administrative HR functions wholly in-house, that number is set to fall to 42 per cent by That said most of those who anticipate moving away from an in-house model will still keep some processes within the organisation, rather than outsourcing everything.

Relationship between hrm and line manger essay

Outsourcing can have such a negative effect on the business and is a risk, the organisation taking over management of the HR function will not necessarily have the same values and culture of the existing business, and this may damage the businesses working methods and also the reputation, which can create even more conflict and tension between managers and HR.

It has become apparent that many organisations recently are outsourcing HR, and also centralising the HR function. In the retail sector such as supermarkets and clothing and home ware stores and also in the hospitality sector, in pubs and restaurants for example.

Here there will not be a HR practitioner for the day to day work so the line manager must then take on some of the duties of HR.The Tensions Between Line Mangers and Human Resources Practitioners in Modern Organisations Essay.

Human resources management is a business department and function that has the strategic approach to the management of the company’s employees - The Tensions Between Line Mangers and Human Resources Practitioners in Modern Organisations Essay introduction.

In a perfect organization, the relationship between human resources and department managers would be strong. HR leadership and departmental leadership should speak with one voice when it comes to employment matters and maintaining a productive workforce. Human Resource Management and its nature In order to clearly understand the relationship between the HRD and HRM, it is necessary that a few of the arguments surrounding the .

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Line managers act as the interface between the management and employees and help maintain a healthy relation between them.

Line Managers carry out various HR functions on micro level like recruitment, appraisal, training and development of employee.

Relationship between hrm and line manger essay

It is pertinent to start this essay by attempting to define the role and relevance of HR Managers and line managers in an organization. human resource management is a management function that enables managers to train,recruit select and develop the members of an organization (Aswathappa, k,).

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