Should all education be free

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Should all education be free

Higher education should be free for everybody at the point of entry | Education | The Guardian Submit Free Education really? A lot of people think that higher education shouldn't cost them personally.
'Education should be free to everyone, at every level' - Telegraph A century ago high school was becoming a necessity, not a luxury; today the same is happening to college.
Joe hoos ya Submit For the betterment of the human race! The availability of great education is already open source and ready for anyone, with the motivation, to learn it.

Submit Free Education really? It should take some personal sacrifice including financial. I guess a liberal point of view would be that everyone deserves a fair shot and it starts with education. The wealthy live off the backs of everyone else so they have a responsibility to provide an education at the least because the lower and middle classes have provided them with their riches.

Why Should College Be Free for Everyone?

Furthermore, it should be a right of the people to have a higher education because how else will the poor succeed? A conservative view might be that everyone should make their own way.

Individual ruggedness is what made this country strong and giving away "free" stuff from the government is a way in which slaves are made. If we count on the government for everything and allow the government to have their hands in everything we do, eventually "we the people" becomes "we the government" turning our republic into a fascist or communist dictatorship.

Should College Be Free? Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

The original intent of getting an education from my perspective was to get a leg up; to have an economic advantage and become a rare commodity thereby being more valuable and making more money.

If educated people become a dime a dozen then where is the value in spending all the time and effort to earn a degree? I may as well forget it and go back to Portland to be an Ironworker again.

The point is that after the government spends millions upon millions to get the program started, it is no doubt to me that the people getting degrees would not increase because it is free.

First, a Few Basic Facts

The people that are going to college now are the ones that want to go and the people that are not in school are not in school because they do not want to be in school.Nov 19,  · 'Education should be free to everyone, at every level' Although the clash with police marred the day, Eleanor Muffitt hopes the student protest will kick-start momentum for the free education campaign.

Jan 23,  · Should a college education be free? Why? I think it is unrealistic to try to give a free college education. There is a lot of work ahead of us before a completely free education comes into reach.

Should all education be free

With that being said, college education should most definitely be cheaper. Sep 28,  · Many people claim that education should be free.

Should education be free? |

In some nations, education is without charge through advanced degrees while in others only education through high school is provided, and some.

Education should continue being free because the school can pay back the government in some expenses, A future of a country is determined by the people who run it, And that First of all, The school can raise fundraisers and hold donations to pay the expense.

Should all education be free

Ahead of Wednesday’s Free Education demonstration in central London, and despite its withdrawal from the event, the National Union of Students has released its Roadmap for Free Education. We. The question of making it free or not is a great one, but all can agree on the fact that education should be considered an inalienable, at least to those who desire to obtain it.

A free education to all would most likely be beneficial to our society as a whole because an educated society is a capable, skillful, and logical one.

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