The stock market crash of 2008

As always, Daisy has put together an excellent primer detailing the conditions we currently face, potential outcomes, and strategies you can implement to prepare for an inevitable crash in not just stocks markets, but the way of life we have come to know in America. Last week, our stock market began to freefall.

The stock market crash of 2008

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell from its high of 14, During that time, the Dow hit these gloomy milestones: The biggest ever single-day crash in Dow Jones history occurred on Sept. This time, recession talk fueled the 7.

Subprime financial crisis-related events that triggered the top two largest single-day Dow drops also accounted for the fourth, fifth, and tenth largest single-day crashes in Dow history, all occurring in The Dow crashed Housing Bubble Led to Subprime Lending Just like Parts I and II in our stock market crash history series covering the stock market crash of and the dot-com crash ofthe stock market crash, boiled down, was caused by a speculative bubble.

Init was speculation over the railroad industry; init was speculation over Internet companies; and init was speculation over real estate.

The stock market crash of 2008

What Is a Subprime Mortgage? A subprime mortgage is a type of home loan given to individuals with poor credit ratings usually and below.

Sunday’s New York Times featured a long and interesting Op-Ed by Michael Lewis and David Einhorn on the trouble with Wall Street. There’s lots of good stuff in it, as well as some contentious. Day Trading Through the Crash: A forensic examination of the stock market crash and Revealing a pathway to profits in the crash ahead Oct 3, by Ryan Rafferty. Discusses the stock market crash of October , including the events leading up to the crash, the market collapse, and how investor reaction fueled the crash.

Typically these individuals would be unable to qualify for traditional mortgages. Due to the higher risk these borrowers present to banks, the banks charge increased interest rates above the prime lending rate. From tohome prices nearly doubled.

When the bubble burst, prices quickly plunged. The index was at This surge in growth followed by rapid decline is unprecedented in the history of U.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. These factors fueled the run-up in housing prices: The aftermath of the dot-com crash. Afterinvestors turned away from tech to real estate as an alternative investment.

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The low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve in the s and s provided further incentive for home buying. Relaxed lending standards helped demand continue when prices reached levels that most people could not otherwise have afforded… You see, building up to the start of the collapse inthe subprime mortgage industry thrived.

In other words, people were given access to loans they could not afford: But as long as home prices continued to skyrocket, these predatory lending practices continued. Stock market crash trouble began when the housing bubble steeply declined in Discusses the stock market crash of October , including the events leading up to the crash, the market collapse, and how investor reaction fueled the crash.

Between firing up the backyard grill and lazing on the beach, there’s another activity you should be squeezing into your schedule this summer: giving your retirement portfolio a stress test.

The stock market crash destroyed $ trillion of American households' net worth. And the events that caused it have already begun to reemerge today. “It is just another business cycle, albeit an extended one, coming to an end: not TEOTWAWKI.” Lol, by all accounts and measures this coming crash will make look like a regular day at the stock market.

The stock market crash of 2008

It’s not over. The worst October stock market crash since got even worse on Friday. The Dow was down another points, the S&P briefly dipped into correction territory, and it was another bloodbath for tech stocks.

The stock bull market is well into its ninth year, and signs of fragility have firms like Bank of America Merrill Lynch looking ahead to the next big crash. By BAML's calculation, the next bear.

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