What is a sweat shop essay

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What is a sweat shop essay

Among them, globalisation is the main cause undeniably. Sweatshop is an obvious example of such phenomenon. Without transnational guidelines and regulations, large corporations in developed countries are moving their manufacturing plants to the countries that are more vulnerable, such as with less environmental restrictions and lower labour standards.

To meet the demands and compete for the patronage, factories in developing countries start to lower their labour regulations by providing minimum wages and ignoring workplace safety requirements. As a result, workers in developing countries face the hardship while the large corporations gain profit.

Modern anti-globalization movement[ edit ] Main article: The anti-sweatshop movement has much in common with the anti-globalization movement. Both consider sweatshops harmful, and both have accused many companies such as the Walt Disney CompanyThe Gapand Nike of using sweatshops.

Some in these movements charge that neoliberal globalization is similar to the sweating systemarguing that there tends to be a " race to the bottom " as multinationals leap from one low-wage country to another searching for lower production costs, in the same way that sweaters would have steered production to the lowest cost sub-contractor.

United Students Against Sweatshops is active on college campuses. The International Labor Rights Fund filed a lawsuit [27] on behalf of workers in China, Nicaragua, Swaziland, Indonesia, and Bangladesh against Wal-Mart charging the company with knowingly developing purchasing policies particularly relating to price and delivery time that are impossible to meet while following the Wal-Mart code of conduct.

Labor unions, such as the AFL-CIOhave helped support the anti-sweatshop movement out of concern both for the welfare of workers in the developing world and those in the United States.

What is a sweat shop essay

They point to good labor standards developing strong manufacturing export sectors in wealthier sub-Saharan countries such as Mauritius. Mexican GM workers earn enough to buy a pound of apples in 30 minutes of work, while GM workers in the US earn as much in 5 minutes.

They believe these conditions are what give rise to sweatshops rather than natural industrialization or economic progression. American corporations responded by shifting production to developing nations where such protections did not exist. This separation of production from consumption is an intentional move by corporations precisely to avoid being held responsible by consumers for their actions.

What is a sweat shop essay

And it is very effective. The graph shows the — period. Ineconomist Jeffrey Sachs said, "My concern is not that there are too many sweatshops, but that there are too few. The theory holds that developing countries improve their condition by doing something that they do "better" than industrialized nations in this case, they charge less but do the same work.

Developed countries will also be better off because their workers can shift to jobs that they do better. These are jobs that some economists say usually entail a level of education and training that is exceptionally difficult to obtain in the developing world.

Thus, economists like Sachs say, developing countries get factories and jobs that they would not otherwise. However, this only means average wages around the world will increase at a steady rate. A nation only gets left behind if it demands wages higher than the current market price for that labor.

When asked about the working condition in sweatshops, proponents say that although wages and working conditions may appear inferior by the standards of developed nations, they are actually improvements over what the people in developing countries had before.

It is also often pointed out that, unlike in the industrialized world, the sweatshops are not replacing high-paying jobs. Rather, sweatshops offer an improvement over subsistence farming and other back-breaking tasks, or even prostitution, trash picking, or starvation by unemployment.

Raveena Aulkah a journalist for Mail Online News went undercover as a sweatshop worker and documented her experience. One of her main takeaways was that even though working conditions were not optimal the families could now afford "goats, schooling, and clothing for their families".

After the Child Labor Deterrence Act was introduced in the US, an estimated 50, children were dismissed from their garment industry jobs in Asia, leaving many to resort to jobs such as "stone-crushing, street hustling, and prostitution.Introduction My topic is sweat shop labor in china focused on Nike production factories and question of labors dignity in sweat shop.

To understand in better term this paper includes explanation of dignity, and how this theory is violated by factories. Apr 16,  · The shop will lose some money in the first year, but will be profitable in subsequent years, and be able to pay the proprietor a salary.

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