Writing a programme for an event

How to Design an Event Program by Lindsay Barnes Take the guessing out of your event and greet each guest at the door with an event program.

Writing a programme for an event

Programming Nuts and Bolts While each program you organize will certainly have a unique set of tasks and "to-dos" associate with it, most will follow the same general outline.

Assess Needs and Interests At the initial stages of program planning you need to consider the specific needs and interests of your audience.

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There are a number of ways to do this including conducting an interest inventory, distributing questionnaires, hosting informal group discussions or focus groups, having a suggestion box, or doing "get acquainted" interviews with individuals in your target audience.

By identifying the specific needs or interests of community members before you begin designing your program you increase the likelihood that you will have a successful and well-attended event.

Develop a Purpose - Have a Vision! What do you hope to accomplish? Which community needs or interests do you want to meet? This is also your opportunity as a program planner to envision and create a unique event with your own personal signature. Even if you are planning an event that has taken place before, you should not overlook the importance of innovation and evolution.

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Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself to help develop a program vision: What did the event look like in the past? Which aspects do you want to keep? Which aspects would you like to see change? What would you like to add? What do you want people to walk away thinking or feeling about your event?

How will your program improve or add to the community? What is the legacy you want to leave as the coordinator of this event? Consider writing your vision down in a clear concise statement that you can refer back to for inspiration and motivation as you work through the planning process!

Initiate Program With your purpose and vision in mind, start brainstorming specific ideas and formats for your program. This is a great time to go wild and dream big. In a brainstorm all ideas are written down and comments on and evaluations of ideas are kept to a minimum.

This is the time to be creative and build off of the ideas of others.

writing a programme for an event

Once you have gotten everything down on paper, you can start to sort and evaluate the list. Implement Program Alright, time to get to work! This is the part of programming that most people think of when they imagine putting on an event and in truth, it does take up a majority of the time involved in programming.

writing a programme for an event

Set a budget - think about where the funds will come from for your program and if necessary, seek out co-sponsorship with another campus organization see Assistance Request Forms on the Programming Resources webpage. Contact resources people early e.

Identify possible dates, times, and places. Check for scheduling conflicts using the Whitman College Campus Calendar. Choose a specific time, date, and place; reserve your space and equipment immediately.programme for an event example a.m.

Welcome Mr R Pa a.m. Chairman’s address Mr Ango. Programs often serve as the first point of reference for event guests.

A good program summarizes the event effectively while engaging the reader. Programs typically come in brochure format, but the length, design and materials can vary depending on the event and your own preferences.

The Office of Writing Programs will offer a Summer Workshop on Teaching with Writing to be held August Faculty selected will participate in a two-day program informed by practices pioneered at the Bard Institute for Writing and Thinking; the workshop cohort will also meet twice during the school year to discuss course redesign.

To write a program for an event, begin by listing the name of the event at the top of the page, the date and time of the event and a schedule of activities with a brief explanation of each activity. The program also includes a paragraph about the event sponsor. Write your text. The purpose of a program is to let your audience know a little bit about your event. Do so by writing the sequence of events that will take place throughout the night. In one column write the events and in a coordinating column write who will be speaking, leading or performing in each segment. If space allows, write an "about" section. How to Write a Program for an Event? Designing an event program and handing it over to the participants would ensure that there is no confusion whatsoever. This should be handed over to them before or on the opening day of the event. You can get an idea of how to design such programs by taking a look at fundraising proposal templates.

Consider writing down the ten second pitch for the event and then writing to address the high points that support that summary. Talk about your experience at the event with a friend or colleague and ask them to jot down notes during your conversation.

Oct 05,  · To write an event report, start by writing a page executive summary, which is an introduction that provides a concise version of your more detailed report. Then, explain the who, what, where, when, and why of the event in the body of your report%(59). Not to confused with a computer program, a program (or programme), is a series of planned action that aims to accomplish a particular task, usually in an event.

It is a series of activities for future events, performance, and items.

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